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UR-Take is the fun, new and unique photo sharing experience beyond the photo booth!

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The UR-Take Plans

The Basic Plan ($899)

UR-Take pricing and plans.

Our UR-Take service can handle parties from 100 to 1000 guests.  The  Basic Plan below provides coverage for an event of 100 persons or 10 tables.  The package includes:

  • Full service set up, tear down and monitoring for your event
  • 3 hours of service
  • 10 UR-Take cameras rental
  • Unlimited pictures taken by your guests
  • Up to 1000 2"x3" pictures printed or 500 4"x3" pictures printed
  • A 55" TV monitor or HD projector rental (projection screen not included)
  • A photo booth backdrop with lights and a camera!  (Photo booth props are not included)
  • DJ/Emcee cards and instructional cards for each table
  • A one hour planning session
  • One UR-Take USB drive containing all the high definition event pictures taken

Customize this plan to your needs!  Click the Pricing button for more information.


UR-Take cameras.

Here are a few considerations when planning:

  • The UR-Take service is not meant as a replacement for your professional photographer.  You'll get professional photos from your photographer and you're guests will love the UR-Take candid moments they create for the show!
  • Projection screens are not included in the price of the service.  We recommend taking advantage of the audio visual equipment from your venue as they often provide optimal viewing vantages.  Call us about our large TV monitor rental equipment and rates!*
  • Photo booth props are not included with the service.
  • Service Area:  UR-Take is based out of Mountain View, CA and mainly provides service from San Jose to San Francisco and their surrounding areas.

The Security Deposit is fully refundable after the event and is prorated for any equipment not returned in good and working condition.

*Service area restrictions apply for rental equipment.

Custom Plans

UR-Take photos.

The Basic Plan can get you started.  Contact us to discuss your specific details as the following will affect your base cost:

  • Have more than 100 persons attending?  
  • Need to support more than one display system?
  • Outside of the California Bay Area coverage?  We focus on event photography in Mountain View but we'll be glad to work with you outside of the area!
  • Want to include your own slideshow?  The UR-Take service is your answer since we provide a built-in slideshow!  Give us the pictures that you'd like to have in your slideshow and we’ll display them.  As guests take pictures at the event, the new pictures are woven throughout your initial pictures or you can have the new pictures added to the end of your slideshow.  There is no additional cost to use this!


UR-Take is a more than a photo booth where your guests capture your candid moments!

What is UR-Take?

UR-Take (pronounced "Your Take") is a patent pending fun experience that allows your guests to display photos taken with our UR-Take cameras on a big screen and in near real time.  The UR-Take system is a secure environment that allows us to maintain control of the pictures being displayed during the event and prevents pictures from being distributed outside of the event without your permission.  It's used for events such as a wedding reception or a corporate event of 100 or more guests (10 tables or more) where a large display or projection screen can be viewed by everyone.  Think of it as live photo streaming that allows everyone to share their point of view AND print the picture they just took too!  Two experiences in one!

Perfect for wedding receptions, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceañeras, corporate events and other social events!  It's especially great for private events where our secure platform maintains the security of your pictures.

Is it easy for everyone to use?

The good news is that most folks know how to use a cell phone camera today.  Anyone who's a selfie taker will be a natural user!  When guests arrive at the table, they just pick up the camera and start taking pictures!  Additionally, the UR-Take service provides your DJ/Emcee with prompt cards (which you can personalize!)  The cards give instructions for your DJ to read to your guests and special announcements for when you want to make sure they use the UR-Take cameras.  Once one person gets the idea, it's a chain reaction of fun as they see their "work of art" on display!  Additionally, we supply table cards with simple instructions for your guests:  

Smile, click, share and print!

What's meant by "maintain[ing] control of the pictures?"

As pictures are shared by guests using the UR-Take cameras, these pictures are transmitted to the event host (or a designated person) who then judges the picture to determine if it can be displayed or should be rejected.  In this manner, the host can maintain the integrity of the event by selecting which pictures should be displayed.  We call this the vetting process and it's a cornerstone of our patent pending process.  Ultimately, we allow you to prevent any offending or unappetizing pictures from showing up on the big screen!

Perfect for private and corporate events where pictures must be secured!

What pictures do you keep?

All the pictures are yours!  Both the pictures displayed on the screen and even those that didn't make the vetting process!  All pictures taken with our capture devices are taken at the best resolution of the cameras and provided to you after the event.  We put them on your USB drive as well as make them available for you online!

Can the slideshow be prepopulated with my own pictures?

Absolutely!  In fact, we encourage it and it's a free option!  Give us the pictures you'd like to have included in the slideshow and we'll prep them and have them displayed for guests to see as they enter the event.  Guests love seeing your story and it's always fun to see pictures taken outside of the event!  We can display your .jpg, .bmp, .gif and .png picture files.  As new pictures are taken at the event, they're woven throughout the existing slideshow or, you can have the new pictures added to the end of your initial slideshow.  It's your choice!

How much does it cost and can the guests still get individual prints?

Absolutely!  Think of the UR-Take service as two technologies in one!  You get the FUN photo collaboration of the UR-Take system plus the printing capability of a photo booth!  And it's a great memento for those folks that are too shy to go to the photo booths since we'll bring the printing to them!

Pricing encompasses both of these features so check out the Starting Plan section above.

Remember, our service is not a replacement for your professional photographer but guests capturing their moments and sharing them with everyone instantly - priceless.  :)

UR-Take Commercial

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Learn how the UR-Take service brings engaging entertainment to your next event and creates a fun and memorable photo experience!  Great for wedding receptions, anniversaries, private and corporate events, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceañeras and any other social event!


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