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Get live photo sharing and photo booth prints in one!

Let your guests capture the candid moments, instantly print them, and project them on a big screen for everyone to see!

What's Your Take?

Ready for more than a photo booth?

The UR-Take ("Your Take") premier experience takes you beyond the photo booth and is the newest, fun and unique photo sharing experience where everyone shares captured moments from their point of view!

Our patent pending system allows your guests to take pictures during your event and display them near real-time on a big screen or projection system for all to see!  Each picture is reviewed before it's displayed and guests can choose to print the individual picture for a take-home memento of the celebration!

Afterwards, you get all the high resolution pictures so you'll be able to share them on Facebook, Twitter and other social media at your discretion!

Participate or just watch, it’s fun for everyone to see! 

Candid moments captured.

You'd be surprised at how excited your guests get when they take a picture that is seen by everyone at your event!  When UR-Take is at your celebration, we've seen 200 guests take from 600 to over 1400 pictures with the UR-Take cameras!  The fun is contagious and imagine all the candid moments they catch as they roam around creating the best slide show ever!

What makes it even easier is there's no need to worry about WIFI or cell phone connections, no need to download an app, no need for a cell phone at all!  Everyone can use the UR-Take service right from the start!

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About Us

At UR-Take we love bringing folks together while they're enjoying the festivities. The UR-Take service was born as an easy way to give everyone a chance to get involved and to participate, a way to share their happy moments with everyone!  Our goal has always been simple, make people smile.  It's your take on the event so let us Share UR Point of View.  :)

UR-Take, Inc. in Mountain View is an on-premises and cloud services provider delivering a premiere photography service that gives you instantly viewable event photo sharing (live photo streaming).  The on-premises service utilizes a patent pending process which enables a secure collaborative photography experience for guests at weddings, parties and other events.  Participants share their captured moments of the event and have them displayed onto a big screen for everyone to see.  UR-Take's future release of a cloud service will offer cloud storage, remote access and viewing, and integration with other social media.